DIY $4 Paleontologist Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Do your children LOVE dinosaurs?  They will love this easy sensory bin!

My oldest son has wanted to be a paleontologist for years now! He is convinced that he is going to find dinosaur bones some day!

 This may be THE easiest sensory bin set up ever!  And it gives you another excuse to shop at my favorite place...the Dollar Tree!

Shopping List

  • 2 bags of beans
  • 2 packages of Halloween bones
**I added some dinosaurs that we have at home from our small world play, but guess what...Dollar Tree has some, too.

Invitation to Play

Empty the bags into your sensory table or bin.  We have a very large sensory table.  My husband made it from an under the bed storage container.  These 2 packages did not completely fill the bin, but my daughter did not mind!

My suggestion is to let your children explore!  When interest wanes, you can add in materials like the plastic dinosaurs.  You can add in shovels, scoops, tweezers, and paint brushes.  What other materials would you add?

My daughter instantly began "feeding" the dinosaurs the bones.  She was practicing one-to-one correspondence by give each dinosaur one bone.  There are so many math applications!

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