Music Play: The 4 Best Toys

 In honor of the Week of the Young Child, we are celebrating 5 main themes this week!  Today we are celebrating Music Monday! 

I love to watch how children respond to music!  Music includes creative expression, fine and gross motor skills, and rhythm.  This post includes affiliate links so you can find your own music toys!

Here are my favorite music toys that I think every play room should include:

1.Melissa and Doug Caterpillar Xylophone

I love the wooden xylophone look.  Children can explore the cause and effect of hitting each key. More advanced players can follow the color patters to create songs, or can write their own music!

2. Musical Instrument Set


Start your own parade with this set of percussion instruments!  If the thought of these inside your house gives you a headache, head outside!

3. Dancing Scarves

Children will love moving these scarves slow and fast to match the music.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

I like using a Bluetooth speaker when playing our favorite music from YouTube or Apple Music.  This way children are not fixated on the screen and can instead watch each other or the teacher.  In my experience, children are more likely to participate in fingerplays and songs if they are not watching a video.

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