Writing with a Quill: Letter Worksheet Alternatives

As you know, my kindergarten child has been struggling to complete the letter writing worksheets required by his school for virtual learning days.

I have started to offer him choices on how he would like to practice writing his letters.  Today, he chose to write his letters using a feather and liquid watercolor.  

Brickston said it was actually kinda tricky!  He really had to think about how to hold the feather so it wouldn't drip. 


Craft feathers (snip off some of the fluff down by the stem)
Small amount of liquid watercolor (my favorite is by Discount School Supply)
Paper towel for clean up
Letter model

Brickston actually painted right on his letter worksheet.  I just took a picture of it when he was done and sent it to his kindergarten teacher.  

He was much more willing to participate given the new material! 

Looking for other choices, click on the picture below: 


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