Cutting Box: Dollar Tree Materials

 Y'all challenged me to find items at the Dollar Tree that would help with cutting skills.  I was ready for the challenge!

I already knew that the Dollar Tree has my favorite beginner scissors.  They have a lever you can flip to make them self opening.  They are not the sharpest scissors in the world, but do cut paper well. 

Materials to buy: 

  • Scissors
  • Plastic container
  • construction paper
  • drinking straws
  • beaded party necklaces
  • play dough
  • hair bonnet or shower caps

Invitation to Play:

Cut strips of the construction paper or cut the paper in half.  This is more manageable for little hands.  Place the paper strips, necklaces, and drinking straws into the plastic container.  Invite your child to cut the materials.

The straws work well because they are stiffer and stay still while cutting.  You can also use paper straws (and Dollar Tree has those, too!).  The necklaces are a new and fun material to cut.  They are a little tricky to cut with the beginner Dollar Tree scissors, and work best with the Fiskar school scissors.  You can get a pair at this referral link.

I probably would not put the play dough into the cutting box with the other materials, unless your child makes sure to put it back into its container (it will dry out).  Children love cutting play dough.  It is a different consistency.

What's the deal with the shower cap?

I'm not sure you can get your child to wear the shower cap every time they play with the cutting box, but it is worth a try!  I have 4 children, and none of my older three have ever cut their hair.  Well, the youngest has a new layer in the back :(  The shower cap provides just an extra bit of time for the adult to catch the hairdresser in training.  It would also be great if you are using a cutting box or cutting table in a classroom.  It will prevent Sally from snipping off Cindy's pigtail!

 Want to watch a video about the Cutting Box?  Go here.

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