5 Teeth Brushing Songs


We have several favorite songs we sing at the center.  One of them is Raffi's "Brush Your Teeth."  I saw these adorable dentist sets on some instagram pages I follow for the Dollar Tree.  It wasn't until this week, that I finally scored a few sets!  

I love to incorporate props into circle time.  I thought the children could literally brush the teeth while we sang the songs.  I think I will swap out the plastic brush for real toothbrushes, in order to make this activity more authentic.  Just know that the kiddos may naturally put the toothbrushes in their own mouths.  You may want to write each child's name on their own brush.

Here are the best songs about brushing your teeth:

1. Raffi's "Brush Your Teeth"

2. Super Simple Monster's "Brush Your Teeth Song"

3. Disney Junior's "Brush to the Beat"

4. Koo Koo Kangaroo's "Brush Yo' Teeth"

5. Jim Gill's "Hands are for Clapping"

Okay.  I know this one is not JUST about teeth, but it has a pretty catchy part about teeth are for brushing :)

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