Wikki Stix Letters: Letter Worksheet Alternatives


My child is NOT enjoying his kindergarten worksheets that are assigned for at home work.  We have found that giving him choices, has definitely helped! 

We just purchased these Wikki Stix, and they have been a hit! (referral link).

These wax covered strings are great to build with and stick together without leaving a mess.  They can be reused over and over.  I suggest giving your child plenty of opportunities to build and play with them, before asking them to complete letter work.  

I just love how Brickston made little feet for his structure.

Next, I gave him the choice to make this letters with a crayon or with the Wikki Stix.  He chose the stix!

Just like with the quill writing, I sent a picture to his teacher when he was finished.  She said that counted as a completed worksheet!

Do you want more ideas?  Click on the picture below!

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