Dollar Tree ABC Banner

 Isn't this alphabet banner the perfect addition to our art and writing center in our home atelier?

As part of the Atelier @ Home program, I have six play based learning centers set up in our home.  I hung this banner above the art and writing center so that my children can reference the alphabet when making projects.  


  • 2 Felt banners from Dollar Tree
  • 1 paint pen

How to Make: 

  1. Write both the capital and lower case letter on each felt banner strip.  
  2. Then thread the string provided through each letter strip.  I put all 26 onto one string.  
  3. You should have 10 leftover strips!  You can make a number line.  I on the other hand made a mistake on 2 letters, so I didn't have 10 left over :)

Hang in your space!

I would love to know if you tried this project!  Have your children referenced it while working?  

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