Clothes Washing Sensory Table Invitation


This play invitation was always a favorite at play group! And it is so easy to set up!

Sensory tables provide children with opportunities to explore the properties of matter.  Sensory tables are extremely versatile.  You can fill them with liquids, semi-liquids, and solids.  Every material offers children different tactile experiences. 

What you need for the Clothes Washing Invitation:

  • Sensory table or dish bins
  • Clothes line, yarn, or rope
  • Clothespins
  • Doll clothes
  • Tear free shampoo
  • Water
  • Soap dispensers

Setting up the Invitation: 

Plan to do this activity outdoors.  It does get wet!

1. Put a few drops of tear free shampoo into the sensory table and fill.  This will make lots of bubbles (but the bubbles will not irritate children's eyes).

2. Place doll clothes in a basket nearby.

3. Fill the soap dispenser with more tear free shampoo.

4. Tie yarn or clothesline between two chairs.  I flipped a child's table upside down and wrapped yarn around the legs to make a clothesline/drying rack.  Clip the clothespins on the line.

5. Invite your child to wash the clothes and dry the clothes on the rack.

How does this invitation support children's development?

Children use their sense of touch as they squish, squeeze, and wring out the clothes.  Fine motor skills are strengthened as they wash, fold, and hang the clothes on the line.  Children will have the opportunity to sequence the steps in the washing process and to communicate that with their play partners.  This may spur some dramatic play episodes.  You just might want to bring out your plastic baby dolls!

Have you tried this invitation?  If so, I would love to see your pictures on Facebook or Instagram.  Be sure to tag #branchandblossomatelier

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