The Time I Referred my Child for Preschool Special Education Services

 Practicing what I preach.

I referred my 4.5 year-old for preschool special education services. A few weeks ago, she went in for a developmental screening.

I began noticing some articulation errors in her speech or the way she said certain sounds in words. She particularly has trouble with the /c/ sound and /g/ sound.

I contacted our school district’s preschool program. Children who are older than 3-years-old are served through their local school district if they qualify for special education services. If you have concerns, call your school and ask who you need to contact for a preschool special education referral. All districts have different people in charge of this process.

Our school used the DIAL-4 screening. I have made a video on this screening tool! It looks at children’s skills in the area of motor, concepts, and language. It was a series of little games for Quinlan to complete. While she did this, I filled out a parent questionnaire. The preschool teacher and the speech language pathologist scored her screening and told me the results.
She also had her vision and hearing screened by the school nurse.

For her age, Quinlan should be able to say the /c/ sound in words like “cat” and the /g/ sound in words like “girl.” She has not yet had any targeted instruction on these sounds, so they want to see if she will make progress if she is given just a little more help. She has started RTI or Response to Intervention services. She will do this for a few weeks to see if a little extra attention to those sounds will help. If she doesn’t make progress during RTI, she will complete a speech and language evaluation.

It seems like a long process, and it is. But the intervention specialists are trying to make the best decisions for Quinlan. This is why it is so important to make a referral today if you have concerns. It starts the process sooner.

Many state-funded preschools will be conducting open developmental screening days during the spring. Be on the look out or call your local school district for more information! You do NOT have to wait for a screening day!

Are you nervous to make a call? Don't be! Read this now to find out the two possible outcomes!

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