As grownups, we often forget what the world looks like from a child's vantage point.


This is true in so many forms.

🏫I ask my pre-service teachers to actually sit on their knees in their classroom space. What do they see? What is at eye level to the children they are serving? What does the environment show the child?

🧸 What interests the child? What is he really good at doing? How can you use these to build his confidence and motivate him to learn?

🧒🏽What developmental stage classifies the child the best? Is the child in the preoperational stage where everything relates back to her?

The next time your child is encountering a new experience, literally get done on their level. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, feel? And then, think about your child as an individual. How do you think they are uniquely experiencing this experience? You might just experience something brand new ❤️

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