How We are Coping with Virtual Learning Worksheets


My school-age children are enrolled in a hybrid model currently.  I have a son who is in kindergarten.  He attends in-person school two days a week and has virtual work the other 3 days. 


Regardless of how we all feel about the current pandemic or the educational options, we can all agree that the virtual options are all new to both the children and the teachers.  My son's kindergarten teacher is AMAZING.  She holds a Google Meet with all the children on Mondays.  During this meeting, she engages the children in a variety of activities depending on the week.  They listen to her read a story, they sing songs, they watch science experiments, practice guided drawing, and more.  

On the other virtual days, the children are asked to complete a mix of online activities and some worksheets.  Let's be honest, we all know how I feel about worksheets...but I knew we would be facing them in kindergarten.  What I didn't know was how much my son would dislike them.  Tears. Hiding. All of the things.  

I know why teachers are assigning worksheets.  The options are limited on what they can send home.  Supplies are limited at the school.  They know that parents' work schedules all vary.  Worksheets appear to be on equal ground.  

I knew this was not the way that my son learns the BEST.  He resisted anytime I opened his folder.  So, instead I began giving him choice on how he wanted to write his letters.  

This has been a game changer for us...and I hope it is for you, too!

I let my son choose between making his letters:
  • in a salt tray
  • by writing with a quill
  • by etching them into play-doh
  • with Wikki Stix
  • with paint
  • on a chalk board
  • on a dry erase board
  • in shaving cream

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