Self-Regulation begins in Infancy

We talked a lot about behavior on the page recently. We know that in order to prevent negative behaviors, children need to learn about their emotions and how to self-regulate.
If you have a baby, you might have tuned me out thinking that behavior topics are just for older kiddos.

The truth of the matter is that self-regulation BEGINS in infancy.

Don’t let others tell you that you will “spoil your baby.” Responding to your baby’s cries and signals will NOT spoil him or her. Being consistently available will promote healthy emotional development as your child grows!
Don't panic if your baby is crying before the scheduled time to eat. Feed him.

Don't panic if your baby wakes before the scheduled wake time. Hold her.

Forming a secure attachment for now and the future is much more important than maintaining a schedule in the present.

"The development of self-regulation begins in infancy. When caregivers consistently respond to a baby's signals and cries, the child will become better at regulating emotions in the future." -- Jessica Branch

Research also tells us that if an infants needs are not met or if the caregiver is unpredictable or unavailable, that they child will learn innappropriate ways to manage feelings. This may continue into the school-age years.


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