Dear Schools, we needed the chance to play


Dear Schools,

We needed the chance to play. I want to apologize for my grumbling and complaining the last week or so as I set out beach towels, sunscreen, and water bottles for “yet another /special day” at the end of this school year. I am ashamed to admit that I’ve been a part of conversations saying, “they aren’t even doing anything this last week of school, can’t we just stay home?”

I, of all people, know better.

Children of all ages need to play. Elementary to high school. They need the chance to socialize. They need the chance to learn outside of the classroom walls.

Field days, special trips, kickball tournaments, and water days are NOT easy for teachers, administrators, and volunteers to plan. There are so many logistics. I want to apologize. Thank you for ensuring my children have had these opportunities.

My only suggestion is that spread these days throughout the school year. Let’s have more opportunities to play each quarter. More practice to get along with our peers.

The news every day shows us the vital need for children and adults to have opportunities to build strong, healthy social-emotional skills throughout their lives. These special days...the chance to play...are a step in the right direction.

Dear schools, thank you for the chance to play. We needed it. And we need even more. Please do not stop.

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