Stocking Stuffers for Babies


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Reusable Gallon Ziplock Bags

These are great for reusable sensory bags!  These bags are so fun for babies.  It is a great way to explore things that might be too small for them.

Baby Snacks

If your baby is ready for these, they are always a crowd pleaser.  Goodness, my kids all still love these :)

Boats for the Bath

These can be used in the bath and in the sensory table when they get older.  There are no holes for water to get trapped and mold.  Gross!

Personalized Pacifier: MAM style

We had these for Zaven when he was going to childcare and still used a pacifier.  So cute!  You can search for the style your child uses.

Wubbanub Infant Pacifier

Brickston always loved these Wubbanubs!  This reindeer is so cute and would look adorable peeking over the top of the stocking.

Baby PhD Disposable Placemats

Great for messy play or IF we ever get to eat in a restaurant again.  I like to use disposable placemats when I'm at friends' houses so I don't mess up their table!


Can you ever really have too many socks? I always struggled to find matches back in the day.  I still struggle with big kid socks.

These bring back so many sweet memories.  Both of my boys had Angel Dear Lovies.  Zaven had this leopard and called it "Spotty."  They wash up so well.  If you child falls in love with these, do yourself a favor and buy back-ups.

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