Catching Mermaids Sensory Bin

 A sensory bin is the perfect place to corral loose parts.  I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive items that I can use as loose parts.  Felt die cut shapes can often be found in the craft department.  My children love these.  

I combined these mermaid felt shapes with some of the wood loose parts we had on hand.  I threw in some flat sea colored glass vase fillers.  The Dollar Tree net was the perfect addition to tape on the wall. 

The best thing about loose parts play is that there is not right way to play with the items.  
Put the items in the sensory table and watch what your children do with them!

My children did a lot of counting.  They compared who "caught" more mermaids.  

The sensory bin kept all the pieces off the floor!  This is great knowing that our little yorkie likes to chew everything!

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