Best Board Games: Gift Guide for Game Nights

My children love to play board games and we have accumulated quite a few over the years.  This guide will show you the ones that actually get played with.

Board games are great because it gives children the opportunity to follow directions and take turns.

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Go Go Gelato

This is an adorable fine motor and visual spatial recognition game.  It is tricky!  You draw a card and have to match the color combo by transferring the gelato from cone to cone.  It is a race to see who can do it the fastest.  Spoiler alert: Zaven is never the fastest :)


Pop the Pig

This is a preschool favorite.  This teaches colors and counting.

Pancake Pile-Up

This is actually in my gift closet for Quinlan for Christmas THIS year.  It is a sequencing game where you race to stack your pancakes like the ones in the card.  I like that this incorporates a gross motor concept, too!

Skip-Bo and UNO

Our family goes through phases where we play Skip-Bo or UNO every night.  The games can get vicious :) But in all seriousness, we love to play these two.  Brickston is now able to play on his own.  He is in kindergarten.  Before that, the two youngest children would "team up" with a player to help.


This reminds me a lot of dominoes, but with shapes and colors.  So much fun!

Classic Games

Can you even have a game guide without these classic childhood games?

My children love to play this game.  Teaches one-to-one correspondence and color identification.

Chutes and Ladders

More counting practice!

Hi Ho Cherry-O

And more counting practice!!!  This one uses fine motor skills to pick up those oh so tiny cherries! 

Hungry Hungry Hippos

If you don't have a headache, and do not mind picking up marbles...your kids will love this game.  I loved it as a kid, and dread it now when my kids get it out.  So loud!

Classic Dominoes

We play dominoes at my in-laws.  Grammie taught the children early how to play.  Dominoes are also fun to line up and build towers with!

Games My Big Kids Love (10 year old-13 year old)

Okay, I cannot tell you a thing about any of the following games.  I do know that my big kids love them and enjoy playing with their uncles when we visit.  If you have a tween in your life, these are a safe bet!

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