Letter Sounds with Chick-fil-A Toys

 My family may have a problem.  We may eat at Chick-fil-A quite a bit.  The app just makes it so convenient!  We have accumulated a few sets of these Discover Color cards.  This is a cute game to throw in your purse for when you are waiting at a restaurant or waiting on a sibling to get finished with practice.  

But as I was looking at it today, I thought this would be an easy DIY Letter Sound Game.

What you need:

*Color Cards from Chick-fil-A
*Permanent Marker

Write letters onto the clothespins.  

I already had these clothespins created from the snowman activity I made.  I prefer to use lowercase letters, because children need practice recognizing these in print.  For this set of cards you really only need: f, l, b, c, r, p, t, f.

You can add other letters just to practice letter discrimination.  

Ask your child to match the letter to the first sound of the picture.  
"What beginning sound do you hear?"

Have you gotten this toy from Chick-fil-A?

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