Gifts for Babies: 6 months to 1 year old

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to give a baby? 

This post will highlight gifts that will grow WITH the baby.  These were all loved items in my house when my children were in this age range.  In all honesty, we still have many of these items and use them regularly!

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Sassy Photo Book 

I just pulled this book off the shelf to write this post.  It was originally purchased for Brickston (who is now 6 years old).  All the children still love to look through this book.  

This book has plastic clear slots to slide photographs into.  We put pictures of the baby with each family member.  The pages are puffy, which make it easier for chubby baby fingers to turn.  This is a great gift to give if you live far away from the baby. 

Stacking Cups

By the age of six months, children are beginning to sit independently.  This is the perfect time to give their hands something to do.  Babies love dumping these cups out of a basket.  These can be stacked.  We continue to use these in the bathtub or sensory table.  This is an open-ended toy that you will continue to use as your child grows into a preschooler!

Baby Stella Doll

First of all, I think these Baby Stella dolls are just the cutest. This was the first baby doll that I purchased for Quinlan.  She loved to take off the pacifier and pop it back onto the doll's mouth.  (If you child is still putting items in his/her mouth, removed the magnetic pacifier for now).  This stuffed doll is the perfect size for babies and beginning walkers to tote around with them.  These dolls are also WASHABLE!  This is a must!


Okay, I get it.  We aren't winning any fashion awards with these Skidders sock shoes, but they are so practical.  Babies who are beginning to stand or walk do best barefoot.  But being barefoot isn't always possible in all settings. These rubber-bottom sock shoes worked so well for my kids.  Even just to use as slippers to prevent falling, these are a great gift idea!

Leap Frog 3-in-1 Walker

This is not the exact walk behind toy that we had, but I like THIS one better!  I like that you can use it for younger babies as a play gym.  Then it transitions to a walk-behind toy.  The base is much wider than the one I had with my children, which prevents the toys from falling backward.  Walk behind toys are better than baby walkers where babies are sitting in a seat and walking forward.  Those old-school walkers can be dangerous and do not promote proper gait.  The walk behind toys allow children to support their own weight on their legs and to receive appropriate sensory input.

Step 2 Sand and Water Table

You might be thinking your child is too young for a sensory table.  No way!  Most infant toddler centers have sensory tables available to babies.  We have had our table like this for 9 years!  Our umbrella was lost during a move.  We keep ours outside, but you could keep this inside.  It is the perfect height for beginning standing children as well as preschool children. 

Under the Bed Storage Tote

If you want to wait on the sand/water table, you can purchase an under the bed storage tote to use as a sensory table on the floor.  Fill with a little water and toss the stacking cups in for some sensory fun!  There are many other sensory bin ideas that are appropriate for babies and toddlers. 

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