Must Have Baby Registry Items

 In case you missed it, I have four children :)  I have been in your shoes a time or two or four!  That being said, my youngest just turned 3 years old.  I know that there may be some new things on the market that were not available 3 years ago, but I think the list of items below stand the test of time.

And honestly, you probably don't need half of the amount of stuff that you think you do!

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Baby Gear

Crib (although my younger two children NEVER slept a night in one :)
Crib Mattress
Crib Sheets
Pack N Play
Pack N Play sheet
High Chair
Extra carseat base
Diaper bag
I got the most use out of a jogging stroller and an umbrella stroller.  These two types of strollers cannot be used with a newborn though.  I actually borrowed a friend's stroller base to use with our infant carseat for the first month or so.  After that, I wore the baby during outings.  Try to minimize the amount of time your child spends in "container gear." 

The Sit Me Up seat positions the baby in a more natural position that a Bumbo seat.  When a baby sits in the Sit Me Up, the back of her thighs and bottom sit on the ground giving her sensory input that is most similar to sitting independently.

This was by far my favorite ring sling.  It folded up so nicely to put in my diaper bag.  Was not extremely hot in the summer.  I had several, but this is the one I always used.

I had this basic Ergo and LOVED it.  Honestly, I still put Quinlan in there on some hikes (she is 3).  This one does not have a forward facing position, but honestly read up on that before you do it anyway.  

This one is still going strong three years later for us!  I love that it has a soft night light that is helpful when you are night feeding.  We take ours with us to hotels!


Baby socks
Trust me, you are going to lose them!

Seriously, when you are tired, you will not want to worry about swaddling a wriggly baby with that cute muslin blanket.  These velcro tabs are life!

My dear sweet friend and colleague introduced these sleep blankets to me with my fourth child.  When your child begins rolling onto his stomach at night, you need to transition out of the swaddle me velcro sleep sack.  This causes all kinds of issues because he may still have the startle reflex.  This Zipadee Zip will be your best friend!


I honestly think the best ones as far as absorbency are the old fashioned diapers!  Don't like the looks of them?  You can dye them using RIT dye.

This really is a personal preference.  I have tried SO many! So if you are not sure, maybe ask for different ones but in smaller packs so you can find the one your baby likes.  If you are breastfeeding, I have luck with these bottles

Breast pump, accessories, milk storage bags and containers
Choose a spoon with a shallow well and has a soft silicone tip.  This will be the easiest first spoon for when you're ready to start baby food.

You're going to need these for bottle feeding, table feeding, and just slobber!

Even if you aren't breastfeeding, these ponchos are great for covering an infant carseat!

Baby Care Items

Nail clippers or cuticle clippers (followers have suggested that these are easier to work with because they are angled to the side!)
Baby wash/shampoo
I get it.  This grosses you out.  But trust me, when your precious baby has his first will do anything!  And there is a filter so it will never ever get that far!  Promise!

Things I think you can skip: 

Expensive swings 
Not all of my kids loved the swing.  And they only use it for a few short months before they start to sit up or roll over.  Borrow one!

Expensive Baby Bathtubs
Honestly the sink works great! And you don't have to worry about storing that big tub somewhere.

Baby Walkers
They are not great for development.

Wipe Warmers
If your baby gets used to toasty warm wipes, and then is on an outing....what happens?

Expensive Crib Bedding
You can't actually use it anyway.  Nothing should be in the crib besides baby, so spend your money on other things.

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