Bingo Family Game Night

Bingo Family Game Night is a great way to spice up your weekend!  Especially if you are stuck inside with nowhere to go!

This fun  activity will only cost you the price of the Bingo game (affiliate link) and a few Dollar Tree prizes.  In total I spent $25.  $15 for the Bingo game and $10 in prizes.

The children took turns being the Bingo caller.  This is a great opportunity to build listening skills.  Sometimes we had to repeat the letter and number SEVERAL times. 
Even our youngest played along.  She just needed someone to point to the number to cover.  Picking up the little markers requires fine motor control!
Winners got the Dollar Tree prizes!  I threw each prize in a simple brown paper bag before we got started.  Literally zero prep!
Some of our prizes: 
  • Toy guitar
  • Little light brite type toy
  • Paint with water books  
  • Flavored chapsticks
  • Fake fingernails (both my girls go crazy for these)
  • Movie theater boxed candy

Are you ready to play BINGO?

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