Back to School Traditions

It is almost back to school time!  And this year it is more important than ever to maintain traditions and get your children excited about the year. 

Do you have traditions that you do to prepare for the school year?  I would love to hear about yours!

In our home, we have a few that I want to share with you!

School Clothes Shopping

I can remember going to the City Center with my mom every year right before school started.  I looked forward to picking out new outfits for my first days of school.  I have carried on this tradition with my children. 
Of course this year, our shopping trips have looked a little different (thanks to a pandemic).  My husband and I taken turns shopping with each of our children individually.  We did this so we could manage the masks and the social distancing easier.  Honestly, I think the children loved the one-on-one attention. 

First Day Pages

I have been doing these since my 7th grader started preschool.  I make a quick template on my computer and have my children fill them out.  I take a picture of them holding on the first day of school.  I LOVE to look back to see how their handwriting has changed.  It is so neat to see how their aspirations develop over time.

The Night Before School

Every year, I read my children The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  It really is the most precious story!   We read the story and then I draw a kissing heart on their wrist with a permanent marker.

I'm happy to announce, that even though my daughter was entering into middle school last year...she still brought a marker to me and told me "you have to do it." You can see the post below :)

Do you want to watch a read-aloud of this story?  

What are your back to school traditions?

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