Letter Sound Sort Game

 I am always looking for authentic ways for young children to play with letter sounds.  Here is an idea that was a hit in our home with my new kindergartener.

First we read the book, If You Give a Pig a Party by Laura Numeroff.  If you want a copy you can get it using my referral link here.

The title of this book has some fun alliteration. PIG and PARTY start with the same sound.  We talked about that as we read the title.  

Next, I found a bag.  I love this bag that came from a gift order from Amazon.  Any bag will do, though.  It is so fun for kids to reach in and pull out a "surprise."  That's why those painful unboxing videos are so popular on YouTube.

 I gathered a few items that started with either a P or S. You could use pictures, but real items are so much more fun.

If you are doing the letter S, I would stay away from SH-words at first.  SHEEP and SHOE would be a little confusing as you are introducing S words. 

I grabbed 2 baskets.  You can use any type of large container: laundry basket, bins, Tupperware.  I placed a post it not on each with the letter S and P. Then I invited my son to grab an item from the bag and place it in the correct basket.

I am going to leave these items out in our center area this week.  Hopefully, my son revisits this.  After we did this activity, he was so excited to go into our kitchen and point to all the other things that start with the S and P sound.

You can see him play this game here:

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