DIY $2 Advent Calendar

Are you still thinking of a way to present the countdown activities from Play Your Way to Christmas?  

I was too, until I went shopping at my favorite store…Dollar Tree.  I saw these signs in the holiday section.

I first thought that maybe I could paint over top of it, but then I turned it over.  I realized the back would be perfect.

I took one more quick trip down the craft aisle to find these cute little clothespins.

I took them home, glued 24 tiny clothespins on the back of the sled sign.  In hindsight, I should have folded up the activity card papers first to space out the pins a little more. 

I then added just a little acrylic paint to finish off the sign.

I copied the activity cards from the book, cut them apart, folded them, and clipped them in order on my new advent calendar. 

How are you going to present the activities to your children?  If my kiddos had not already tried all the activities, I think I would just give it to our elves to present every morning.  I wanted to create an element of suspense, so I think this advent calendar is the perfect solution.  And cost $2.00!

Wanting more information about Play Your Way to Christmas?  Go here!

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