How to make a self-referral for intervention services I got to you :) You are ready to make the call to seek out intervention services for your child! I'm proud of you!

If your child is under the age of 3, you are seeking early intervention services. Early intervention services serve children birth up to the child's third birthday. These services are very family focused and often are conducted in your own home.

Here's the kicker, every state calls their early intervention program something different. You can probably find yours by searching for
"[your state]+early intervention services"

Here are links to Kentucky and Ohio early intervention services.

You do NOT need a physician to refer you. YOU can call today! Just call with your calendar ready. Tell them about your child and which developmental milestones you have concerns about.

You got this!

If your child is 3 or older, you will have a different phone number to find now that you are ready to seek out intervention services.
Once your child is 3-years-old, they can qualify for services through the school district. Children ages 3-5 years are eligible for preschool special education services and children kindergarten and older are eligible for school-age special education services. Your local school district is in charge of providing both of these services.
Here is the really confusing part...some school districts partner or contract with other agencies to provide the preschool services. Calling your local school district and asking to talk with the director of special education will get you in contact with the correct people.
If you need my help, let me know!

If you are still nervous read this post!

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