Last Minute Mother's Day Gift

Are you still looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift?

I have an idea for you!  Send your kids on a "scavenger hunt" for the answers to the follow questions about grandma...or even yourself :) :

1. Find something that is her favorite color.
2. Find way to show me how tall she is.
3. Show me something she loves to eat.
4. How old is she?  Find that many items to count.
5. Show me something she is really good at.
6. Show me something she does NOT like.
7. What cartoon or book character remind you the most of her?

This scavenger hunt works well for smaller children because they are concrete thinkers.  You can take photos of the children with the items they find and compile it into a photo album. 

Or you can do what I did.  I used the iMovie app on my iPhone to create a quick video. You are welcome to insert the photos below into your own movie for your mother :)

This project is developmentally appropriate and it also has our children stop and think about the loved one :) 

Here are the photos you are welcome to use:

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