Pet Project: The Beginning

Pet Project: A Group Project that Everyone Can Join

I am glad that you are joining us virtually to engage in our Pet Project.  I am so passionate about Reggio-Inspired project learning and thought that we could all use this time with our children to engage in a project.  Our family chose to study pets because we do have a dog at home.  I know that not everyone has a pet, but most of you have experience being around someone's pet.  You may even have "pet" stuffed animals that you can study over the next few weeks.

Our first task during a project is to gather our ideas.  We will continually come back to this step throughout the project.  We start by creating a concept web.  You can see the Facebook Live video here.  These were the ideas from my four children.  

No photo description available.

We still need to add your children's ideas!  Make a concept web with them.  I would love to see your webs.  You can add them to the comments on Facebook, direct message them to me, or email them to

We also made a list of things we know about Motu and the questions we have about him:
No photo description available.
Once again, send us your ideas and questions!  We will update our webs!

Next, we will begin representational drawings of our pets!

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