How to Shower: Visual Schedule

On New Year's Eve, my mother asked each of us to write down something we want to leave behind in 2019.  My 5 year old son asked for help to spell "bath." This concerned me a little, so I asked a few questions.  Turns out, Brickston no longer wanted to take baths but instead wants to take showers like a "big kid."

During his first 2020 shower, I stood at the shower door and told him each step.  How to wash his face BEFORE he washed his behind.  How to put soap on his washcloth.  Then it donned on me...he would do so well with a visual schedule.

I asked my 9-year-old son to illustrate some pictures for me.
Then I created this visual schedule: 
For Brickston, I kept the schedule as is.  You could cut this apart to make it one long horizontal schedule.  You could also cut each task card out and hand the card to the child as it is time to do each step.  I would suggest laminating or covering your schedule with clear contact paper.  I used a reusable dry erase pocket from my favorite store, Dollar Tree.

You can watch me prompt Brickston to do each step in this short video:

Find out more about visual schedules in this post and by watching this video:

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