Flour Paint Tutorial

Looking for taste-safe paint?  This is soooo easy!

Let me first start by saying that I do not think I will be making any more video tutorials...scariness! But if you can get past my swollen, tired eyes you just might be able to try this at home.

This "paint" is taste safe for the youngest artists.  Depending on how much coloring you use, it washes off of skin pretty easily.  I do still use tempera paint and acrylic paint for certain projects.  This paint will not stay on surfaces well over time.  Which can be good or bad.  If your child paints the most amazing masterpiece with this flour "paint," I suggest you snap a picture for lasting value.

Let's get to it!
You will need:
cup and stir stick
coloring (Liquid watercolor or food coloring)

I chose to use Liquid watercolors, because it seems to wash off easier than food coloring, but both work very well.  If you are using food coloring, only use a few drops!

1. Put a few drops of food coloring or a squirt of liquid water colors into the cup.  Mix with a couple tablespoons of flour.  

2. Add water until you reach the consistency you want.  Use a thicker paint for upright surfaces like easels.  You can make the paint more runny if you are painting on a flat surface and you want the paint to cover more surface area.

If you are brave and want to watch the tutorial, you can check it out here:

If you want to read about our recent play group session where we used flour paint on our transparent canvas, go here

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