Nerf Guns and Measurement
Are your kids Nerf gun fanatics, too?
 You can add mathematics into their Nerf play, by simply adding measuring tools. 
In this activity, I practiced using both standard and nonstandard units to measure the distance of the Nerf bullet. 
My son and I decided what units of measurement we would use:
He wanted to use:

  • Shoes
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Pool noodles
1. We made a not very fancy graph for our two bulletswe would shoot.
2. He stood at the starting point and shot a bullet.
3. We measured the distance from the starting point to the bullet.
We used each of our measurement methods.
4. He recorded the units using tally marks.
5. We compared measurement method quantities. Wecompared which bullet traveled farther.

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